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UTW1030 UTILITY RAMP 10' X 30" Prairie View Industries UTW1030 Utility Ramp 10' X 30".. Product #: UTW1030 UTILITY RAMP 10' X 30" based on 0 reviews Regular price: $678.99 $678.99 In Stock

UTW1030 UTILITY RAMP 10' X 30"

Availability: In Stock

Price: $678.99

Prairie View Industries UTW1030 Utility Ramp 10' X 30"

* Extended reach, easy-to-handle and set up
* Separates into 2 pieces for easy carrying
* Folds and carries like a suitcase
* Closure strap locks ramp panels together
* Durable welded construction
* Safety guide indicates if ramp is on a safe slope
* Full platform provides excellent stability
* Anti-slip, high traction surface
* Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations
* Steel security pins included

Product Description

The Multifold Reach by PVI combines patented design, lightweight materials, and superior strength to give you the most versatile access ramp available. PVI is the original creator of the Multifold Ramp and while there have been many copies, no one can duplicate PVI’s perfect combination of strength, weight, and safety. This Multifold Reach provides an extended hook to clear rear bumpers without losing its strength. With a range in lengths from 6 ft – 10 ft, the Multifold Reach by PVI is sure to fit your access needs.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Patented “No-Pinch Hinge”
Folds in Half - Carries Like a Suitcase
Keep your money here in Oregon!

Product Specifications

UTW630 6 ft 30 in 38.25in x 16in x 10.75in 36 lbs 800 lbs
UTW 730 7 ft 30 in 44.25in x 16in x 10.75in 41 lbs 800 lbs
UTW830 8 ft 30 in 50.75in x 16in x 11in 52 lbs 800 lbs
UTW1030 10 ft 30 in 62.75in x 16in x 11in 63 lbs 700 lbs

*Maximum ramp capacity: 400 lbs. (one axle) - 800 lbs. (two axles). Except on UTW1030: 350 lbs. (one axles) - 700 lbs. (two axles).




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